Rachel Eliza Griffiths & Stevie Edwards

Stevie Edwards, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, and emcee Victoria Lynn McCoy after the reading.

CURATOR’S COMMENT FROM VLM: Rachel Eliza Griffiths and Stevie Edwards are two distinct, essential female voices in today’s poetic conversation. Griffiths’ poems enact an incredible, sometimes otherworldly, lyric unfolding; the poems gaze back toward history, and inward toward a collective consciousness. Edwards’ poems move deftly between the confessional and the meditative, turning their unblinking eye on the resiliency of the human spirit and what it can survive. Both women’s work burrows deep beneath the skin, leaving the reader (and the audience!) transformed.

RACHEL ELIZA GRIFFITHS is a poet and visual artist teaching creative writing at Sarah Lawrence College.

STEVIE EDWARDS spent her formative years in the Midwest but currently resides in Ithaca, NY.