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Faith Shearin met Taylor Mali

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POST MORTEM COMMENTS FROM TAYLOR MALI: “Maybe because this was the first pairing of the new season after a long summer? Or maybe because I was part of the lineup and I twisted the arms of all my family & friends all summer long to attend? Or maybe because my partner Faith Shearin was and is amazing? Or maybe because of all of the above, but we broke some records at Page Meets Stage last Wednesday! Faith and I had met the previous day when i took her with me to read poetry to some old folks on the Upper East Side, and over lunch we had pretty much planned out our entire set, poem for poem. I’ve been doing this long enough that I know each poet only gets to do six or seven poems in the fist “half” and four in the second (one of which SHOULD be a poem by the other poet!). We both did poems about storing things, and all of our poems were, as Faith likes to say, ABOUT things. We don’t write pretty about otherness.” Guest host and former curator Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz did an amazing job keeping the night moving and asking good questions (“What do people SAY about your work and what do you WISH people would say about your work?”). Here is the video I made of me reading Shearin’s poem “Shackleton’s Decision.” I lay awake at night thinking of how I would do it, figuring I would just film myself talking about how awesome she is and then read the poem. How boring would that have been? Then it occurred to me that I could easily find archival photos of Shackleton and his ill-fated expedition on the internet and produce a narrated slideshow instead! Spent a day in June creating this. Click here.

FAITH SHEARIN is the author of three books of poetry and has been read aloud by Garrison Keillor on The Writer’s Almanac.

TAYLOR MALI is one of the most well-known poets to have emerged from the poetry slam movement and one of the original poets to appear on the HBO series “Def Poetry Jam.”

Page Meets Stage Past Pairings

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11/12/2005 Billy Collins Taylor Mali
2/22/2007 Mary Stewart Hammond Taylor Mali
3/15/2007 Mark Doty Patricia Smith
4/26/2007 Valzhyna Mort Rives
5/24/2007 Carol Muske-Dukes Ainsley Burrows
7/12/2007 Kim Addonizio Shappy
9/19/2007 Gerald Stern Lynne Procope
10/10/2007 Nick Flynn Rachel McKibbens
11/7/2007 Thomas Lux Marty McConnell
12/5/2007 C. D. Wright Bob Holman
1/30/2008 Paul Muldoon Thomas Sayers Ellis
4/23/2008 Jeffrey McDaniel Sage Francis
5/14/2008 David Lehman Michael Cirelli
9/10/2008 Stephen Dobyns Jack McCarthy
10/10/2008 Marie Howe Patrick Rosal
11/19/2008 Ross Gay Jeanann Verlee
12/3/2008 Aracelis Girmay Eboni Hogan
2/18/2009 Tracy K. Smith Roger Bonair-Agard
3/11/2009 Laure-Anne Bosselaar Suheir Hammad
4/29/2009 Galway Kinnell Taylor Mali
5/20/2009 Aimee Nezhukumatathil Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz
9/23/2009 Major Jackson Tara Betts
10/14/2009 Kurt Brown Jai Chakrabarti
11/18/2009 Sharon Dolin Elana Bell
12/9/2009 Terrance Hayes D. J. Renegade
1/27/2010 Alexandra Oliver Chad Anderson
2/24/2010 Yusef Komunyakaa Tyehimba Jess
3/24/2010 Susan Somers-Willett Regie Gibson
4/15/2010 Martín Espada Rich Villar
5/26/2010 Dorrianne Laux Alix Olson
6/23/2010 Tony Hoagland Anis Mojgani
9/22/2010 Mark Doty Anne Waldman
10/27/2010 Kevin Young Scott Woods
11/17/2010 Gregory Orr Christa Bell
12/15/2010 Bob Hicok John S. Hall
1/26/2011 Karen Finneyfrock Shappy Seasholtz
2/16/2011 Ada Limón Sarah Kay
3/9/2011 Traci Brimhall Corrina Bain
4/13/2011 John Murillo Matt Gano
5/18/2011 Jeff Friedman Falú
6/15/2011 Charles Jensen Mara Jebsen
9/21/2011 Suheir Hammad Beau Sia
10/19/2011 Maria Mazziotti Gillan Sean Thomas Dougherty
11/16/2011 Philip Levine Adam Falkner
12/21/2011 Jeffrey McDaniel Amber Tamblyn
1/18/2012 Afaa Michael Weaver Willie Perdomo
2/15/2012 Amy Lemmon Lemon Andersen
3/21/2012 Marie-Elizabeth Mali Carlos Andrés Gomez
4/18/2012 Terese Svoboda Mahogany Brown
5/16/2012 Keetje Kuipers Andrea Gibson
9/19/2012 Thomas Lux Jon Sands
10/17/2012 Joseph O. Legaspi Cheryl Boyce-Taylor
12/19/2012 Jennifer Knox Ian Khadan
1/16/2013 Dana Gioia Victoria Lynne McCoy
2/20/2013 C. K. Williams Angel Nafis
3/20/2013 Ravi Shankar Joanna Hoffman
4/17/2013 Marilyn Nelson Jamaal May
5/15/2013 Yusef Komunyakaa Laura Yes Yes