Brian Turner met Rives on October 15, 2014

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Brian Turner, April Ranger (host), and Rives on October 15, 2014

Curator’s post-mortem from April Ranger:  Both poets agreed NOT to work from a set list, but to perform instead the poems that simply seemed appropriate in the moment, and that made for a wonderfully free-flowing evening. The rain was torrential at times, and the glass roof of the third-floor bar made a loud splattering sound that threatened to drown out the poetry! Both Rives and Brian Turner are excellent at delivering the reader or listener into the present moment, creating urgency through an unexpected image or change direction. I think of these poets as excavators: constantly examining small events in their lives, uncovering a new insight, and then lifting it for others to witness. I was excited to hear the contrast in tone between a multimedia storyteller often lauded for his comedy and a US Army veteran whose first book recounts his time spent fighting in Iraq, all while experiencing their shared knack for surprise.

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