Kim Addonizio met Derrick Brown in September of 2014

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Curator’s post-mortem from Taylor Mali: The new season started with a bang in September when Kim Addonizio (a veteran of Page Meets Stage from seven years ago) and Derrick Brown, the founder and publisher of Write Bloody Publishing. I made a joke in my introduction about how this was the first time in the history of Page Meets Stage that the “page” poet played a harmonica while the “stage” poet had published over 100 books of poetry (by other people, of course). The two read back and forth, and the theme of military service came up (Derrick was in the 82nd Airborne). Kim read a poem about casualties of war, and Derrick talked about this anti-suicide army MUSICAL he’d been cast in. At the end of the night (pictured above), Derrick asked Kim to play harmonica behind him while he recited a poem called “For Margaret.” I sensed the entire audience leaning forward and smiling (I certainly was!), realizing this would never happen again.

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