Zack Rogow met Sarah Kay!

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This was a fantastic pairing, but if you were one of the underage folks who did not get in, we owe you an apology and a refund! So sorry! The club the changed the rules on us, but we were essentially bending the rules too far, so the fault is really ours and ours alone. Please email your Eventbrite email confirmation (or the number, or at least your name) to, and as long as the ticket was never used, we will refund it.

Zack & Sarah
Zack Rogow & Sarah Kay after their Page Meets Stage pairing

Curator’s comment from Taylor Mali:
Sarah Kay was once my protégé, then she very briefly became my colleague, and now she is my mentor! She doesn’t quite agree with this assessment, but it’s true; when she was a teen, we used to meet for tea to discuss poetry, but now my students only think I’m cool because I know her. Her poetry, like her soul, is generous. She is a devout optimist, and that’s part of why the world loves her. But what you may not have noticed is how forgiving she is in her work of men. Her poems about her father and brother show a genuine sympathy for the masculine that I always wonder whether they deserve. It will be fascinating to see how this plays out with Zack Rogow, especially since his most recent book is largely an illumination of his mother. Rogow will be in town to watch his daughter graduate from Columbia. He is an extremely accomplished poet, and Page Meets Stage is lucky to have him. This pairing is unquestionably of the APPLES & ORANGES kind, the kind that are sometimes called “I wonder what would happen if . . .” Magic? Fireworks? Fistfight? You have to attend to find out. Join us!

Zack Rogow is the author, editor, or translator of twenty books or plays.

Sarah Kay is a poet from New York City who has been performing her spoken word poetry since she was fourteen years old.

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