Tina Chang met Mindy Nettifee!

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Mindy Nettifee (STAGE) with Taylor Mali and Tina Chang (PAGE) on 4/16/2014

CURATOR’S POST MORTEM FROM TAYLOR MALI: A fabulous night! The two poets really worked hard to answer each other’s work. Mindy actually said she came to listen and see what came up. We really didn’t know what to expect from this pairing. Both poets have similar sense of irreverence and are not afraid of going surreal. Chang’s poems sometimes become aware of the poem as object in the middle of the poem, as if saying, “Wait. This is not coming out quite right,” and I’ve seen her use blank lines in poems (literally, like fill-in-the __________) that I have no idea how she would perform out loud. Nettiffee has a slam background, but is equally comfortable performing with a band behind her.

TINA CHANG is the Brooklyn Poet Laureate.

MINDY NETTIFEE is a Pushcart Prize nominated writer and accomplished performance poet.

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