Welcome to Page Meets Stage

Page Meets Stage takes a break in the summer. We’ll be back in September. We have a great lineup for autumn. You can learn more about each of this fall’s pairings by clicking on the links in the menu to the right. You can also buy advance tickets for each of those shows by clicking the big orange Eventbrite buttons below. Tickets to all pairings are ½ price ($6) if purchased up to one month before the event!

Kim Addonizio meets Derrick Brown
Eventbrite - 9/17/14 Kim Addonizio & Derrick Brown (21+)

Brian Turner meets Rives
Eventbrite - 10/15/14 Brian Turner & Rives (21+)

Victoria Redel meets Eboni Hogan
Eventbrite - 11/19/14 Victoria Redel & Eboni Hogan (21+)

Saeed Jones meets Aziza Barnes
Eventbrite - 12/17/14 Saeed Jones & Aziza Barnes (21+)

Nick Flynn meets Thomas Fucaloro
Eventbrite - 1/21/2015 Nick Flynn & Thomas Fucaloro

Bianca Stone meets April Ranger
Eventbrite - 2/18/15 Bianca Stone & April Ranger (21+)

Adrian Matejka meets Quincy Troupe
Eventbrite - 3/18/15 Adrian Matejka & Quincy Troupe (21+)

Jill Alexander Essbaum meets Sean Patrick Mulroy
Eventbrite - 4/15/15 Jill Alexander Essbaum & Sean Patrick Mulroy

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